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Ep. 174: Seatbelt Not Included

You know that feeling you get when you’re slowly climbing the first massive incline of a badass roller coaster? The building anticipation as you peer down the steep angle of that huge drop? That’s what you’re about to experience in this week’s episode — and the man in charge of the ride is none other than incredibly talented MrPanda. Making his 4th appearance on the podcast, his skills are on full display in this 58 minute mix that was recorded live on 4 decks (can we get a “Damn, son!”). He starts us off gently with about 14 minutes of smooth Drum & Bass tracks before going full throttle with 44 minutes of Hardcore tunes that will kick your ass into high gear. We’d invite you to buckle your seatbelts but they’re not included with this one! Keep it loud!

1. AK1200 – Deja Nu (Mathematics Remix)
2. Chase & Status & Switch feat. Jenna G – In Love (Original Mix)
3. Jinx & Dawn Raid – Strife (Original Mix)
4. Dub FX feat. Mr. Woodnote & Flower Fairy – Wandering Love (Robo/Tech & Schematix Remix)
5. Parachute Youth – Can’t Get Better Than This (Sigma Remix)
6. Enei feat. Charli Brix – Homeworld (Original Mix)
7. Cyantific & Logistics feat. Natalie Williams – Brighter Day (Original Mix)
8. Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (Jakka-B Edit)
9. Hotchkiss – I Can See It (Original Mix)
10. IYF & Nobody – The Other Side (Original Mix)
11. M-Project feat. Jonjo – Right Now (Original Mix)
12. Anthem Power – Its Gonna Get (Original Mix)
13. LH4L & Billon Dolars – Neoprene (Skrillex Remix) (S-Worx Edit)
14. A.B – This (Westfest VIP)
15. Breakage feat. Detour City – Treading Water (Revision-X Remix)
16. Ham – Anything For You (Original Mix)
17. Technikore & JTS Meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix)
18. Jekyll & Clarkey – Party Like Us (Original Mix)
19. Sc@r – Acid Porn Monkey (Original Mix)
20. J-Mac – Let It Roar (Original Mix)
21. Fracus & Darwin – Music’s Hypnotising (Original Mix)
22. Joyryde – Give My Love (Jakka-B Edit)
23. Tyl3r feat. Reynolds MC – I.C.F.I (I Can Feel It)
24. MNEK & Zara Larsson – Never Forget You (Stu Infinity Remix)
25. Gammer – Good Life (Bad Day)
26. Shock & Ghost – Way To Go (Original Mix)
27. Breeze & UFO – Dirty (Original Mix)
28. Cyantific – Ice Cream (Original Mix)
29. Chris Unknown – Killa Sound (Original Mix)
30. Anglerfish & Lucider – This Is How We Do It Hard (Original Mix)
31. Darren Styles & Modulate – To The Stars (Original Mix)
32. Hotchkiss – Reflections (Original Mix)

Ep. 173: Mix Action Ms. Jackson

This is an ode to Friday night. It’s a celebration of surviving your 9 to 5 another week. A salute to skating through your classes the past 5 days. We all seem to go harder on Friday nights. It’s as if we’re giving an emphatic middle finger to the crappy week we just experienced. And we have an entire Saturday to recover so why not go balls to the wall? Fun, crazy, sometimes messy, other times downright weird, resident artist Wade Weston pays homage to the most interesting of nights in this week’s episode. Featuring nearly 64 minutes of Tech House, Booty Tech, House and Bass House jams, this is a nonstop mix with no downtime so you best be ready, friends. It’s Friday night….

1. Tough Love – Friday Night (Original Mix)
2. Human Resource – Dominator (Quinten 909 Extended Remix)
3. Betoko feat. Boy Tox – We Don’t Give A F**k (Sharam Jey Edit)
4. Jax Jones feat. Mike Dunn & MNEK – House Work (Danny Howard Dub Remix)
5. Funkerman pres. F-Man feat. MC Gee – Deeper Underground (Original Mix)
6. Shiba San – Up & Down (Original Mix)
7. DILLAGAS – It’s Well (Original Mix)
8. Dom Dolla – You (Billy Kenny Remix)
9. Felix feat. Brendan Reilly – Nothin More I Need (Rrotik Remix)
10. Kideko feat. George Kwali – Crank It (Crookers Remix)
11. TAWÉ – Acid Dream (My House) (Original Mix)
12. Bart B More – Hover (Original Mix)
13. Bixel Boys – Traffic (Original Mix)
14. Sacha Robotti – The Dude Abides (Original Mix)
15. Second City & Tyler Rowe – I Enter (Original Mix)
16. PNAU – Chameleon (Crookers Remix)

Ep. 172: For The Love Of Bass

We welcome the return of Rhode Island-based Bass-master Boltcutter in this week’s episode! It’s been a little over 2 years since we had him on in Ep. 041 and we’re now kicking ourselves for not having him back sooner! We’ll warn you up front for this episode, kiddies — this mix will test the LFEs of your sub woofer in a BIG way. Featuring 59 minutes of hard-hitting Breaks, Neurostep, Neurofunk, Dubstep and a few other Bass-heavy genres, this bad boy should be sent to Master P ’cause it’ll make anyone say UHH! No excuses for this one…keep it loud!

1. DEMONSLAYER – Blanka’s Quest (Original Mix)
2. Left/Right – Sweat (Original Mix)
3. Red Milk – Piéces (Original Mix)
4. Patrick Brian – TS 02 (Original Mix)
5. Addergebroed – Nemesis (Original Mix)
6. SUBDUE – Recycle (Original Mix)
7. Ad Astra – Ex Somnium (Original Mix)
8. DarkElixir – Syndicate (Original Mix)
9. Razat & Holly – Crazy Shit (Original Mix)
10. B.R.E.E.D – Feels (Boltcutter Remix)
11. Woolymammoth – Lucid Dreaming (Original Mix)
12. SHADES – Cryptic (Original Mix)
13. Mad Zach – Caltrain (Original Mix)
14. Emperor – Let The Whole World Know (Original Mix)
15. Culprate – Diablo (VIP)
16. Atlas – Inside (Dino Safari Remix)
17. Syrinx – Roboroll (Original Mix)
18. 12Gauge – 00120 (Original Mix)
19. Duskky – Rebate (Original Mix)
20. Toro – Kraken (Original Mix)
21. Spenghead – Form Over Function (Original Mix)
22. Ephyum – Way Of Void (Original Mix)
23. Barbarix – Kinetics (Original Mix)
24. Oscillator Z – STRUGGLE SNUGGLE (Original Mix)
25. Burn The Disco – Turn Up (Original Mix)
26. Hansel Thorn – Shake It (Original Mix)
27. Snavs & Fabian Mazur – Gun Go (Original Mix)
28. HAEZER & SBCR – Mind Off (Eliminate Remix)
29. Cabinet Pressure – Commas (Bleep Bloop Remix)
30. Tincup – Turn Off The Lights (Original Mix)
31. Lingo – Inhale (Original Mix)
32. Rolaz – Gold Rush (Original Mix)
33. Coffi – Real Shit (Original Mix)
34. Boltcutter – Stumbling (Original Mix)

Ep. 171: Interlude

Mad feels in this week’s episode. In an acutely curated mix from resident artist Red, this 62 minute exploration features some beautifully melodic downtempo tracks we’re excited to put on our airwaves. Sometimes mellow, other times groovy — it’s an all-around good time. Turn it up and disappear.

1. Brenn & Cesar – All My Love (Original Mix)
2. Natalie McCool – Wondrous Place (Pete Oak Remake)
3. Henry Saiz feat. Eloy – For Days And Nights (Boiler Room Version)
4. Alt-J – Interlude 1 (FEM & Quentin Schneider Remix)
5. Art Department – Robot Heart (Donatello Edit)
6. Yotto – Fire Walk (Original Mix)
7. Henry Saiz – Love Mythology (Silinder Remix)
8. Jeremy Olander – Roots (Henry Saiz Remix)
9. Feelnoize – Burning Fields (Rudy Remix)
10. Oliver Winters – In The Flood (Original Mix)

Ep. 170: Evolution, Vol. 1

Techno is the “it” genre at the moment and Dallas has a booming Techno scene! Our good friend Johny Reedickulos joins in on the fun with a monster Techno mix for this week’s episode. This is his 9th appearance on the podcast and we love seeing his versatility on display. Featuring nearly 95 minutes of pulsating Techno, Minimal and Tech House tracks, this mix was born to shake the walls of an underground warehouse rave. Let’s get the party started…keep the music loud!

1. RanchaTek – Drop That (Gaston Zani Remix)
2. Da Fresh – Musique (Original Mix)
3. RanchaTek – Don’t Go (Original Mix)
4. Mike Graham – Research (Original Mix)
5. RanchaTek – On The Floor (Original Mix)
6. UMEK & Stefano Noferini – Goes On (Original Mix)
7. RanchaTek – Too Late (Original Mix)
8. Rafa Barrios – Paseo (Stefano Noferini Remix)
9. Milair – Dark Forest (Original Mix)
10. Marshall – Just Believe (NDKj Remix)
11. Mike Graham – Beatnik (Original Mix)
12. K.Sandra – Take It (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
13. D-Unity – Sinner (Original Mix)
14. Radio Complex & Christian Bonori – Green Planet (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
15. Mitch De Klein – Roadblock (Daniel Cuminale Remix)
16. Nomad – Los Ninos Boras (Alaia & Gallo Remix)
17. Felipe Avelar feat. Olie – Electric Boogaloo (Tief Traum Remix)
18. Enrico Sangiuliano – Ghettoblaster (Original Mix)
19. RanchaTek & Levi Petite – Juicy Bass (Original Mix)
20. Dax J – Zulu Nation (Original Mix)
21. Goncalo M – Collateral Damage (Original Mix)
22. Dax J – Protect The Prophecy (Original Mix)
23. Christian Smith – Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix)
24. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Dios (Gaiser’s Atheists Anonymous Remix)
25. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal (Original Mix)