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Ep. 174: Seatbelt Not Included

You know that feeling you get when you’re slowly climbing the first massive incline of a badass roller coaster? The building anticipation as you peer down the steep angle of that huge drop? That’s what you’re about to experience in this week’s episode — and the man in charge of the ride is none other than incredibly talented MrPanda. Making his 4th appearance on the podcast, his skills are on full display in this 58 minute mix that was recorded live on 4 decks (can we get a “Damn, son!”). He starts us off gently with about 14 minutes of smooth Drum & Bass tracks before going full throttle with 44 minutes of Hardcore tunes that will kick your ass into high gear. We’d invite you to buckle your seatbelts but they’re not included with this one! Keep it loud!

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1. AK1200 – Deja Nu (Mathematics Remix)
2. Chase & Status & Switch feat. Jenna G – In Love (Original Mix)
3. Jinx & Dawn Raid – Strife (Original Mix)
4. Dub FX feat. Mr. Woodnote & Flower Fairy – Wandering Love (Robo/Tech & Schematix Remix)
5. Parachute Youth – Can’t Get Better Than This (Sigma Remix)
6. Enei feat. Charli Brix – Homeworld (Original Mix)
7. Cyantific & Logistics feat. Natalie Williams – Brighter Day (Original Mix)
8. Jauz & Pegboard Nerds – Get On Up (Jakka-B Edit)
9. Hotchkiss – I Can See It (Original Mix)
10. IYF & Nobody – The Other Side (Original Mix)
11. M-Project feat. Jonjo – Right Now (Original Mix)
12. Anthem Power – Its Gonna Get (Original Mix)
13. LH4L & Billon Dolars – Neoprene (Skrillex Remix) (S-Worx Edit)
14. A.B – This (Westfest VIP)
15. Breakage feat. Detour City – Treading Water (Revision-X Remix)
16. Ham – Anything For You (Original Mix)
17. Technikore & JTS Meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix)
18. Jekyll & Clarkey – Party Like Us (Original Mix)
19. Sc@r – Acid Porn Monkey (Original Mix)
20. J-Mac – Let It Roar (Original Mix)
21. Fracus & Darwin – Music’s Hypnotising (Original Mix)
22. Joyryde – Give My Love (Jakka-B Edit)
23. Tyl3r feat. Reynolds MC – I.C.F.I (I Can Feel It)
24. MNEK & Zara Larsson – Never Forget You (Stu Infinity Remix)
25. Gammer – Good Life (Bad Day)
26. Shock & Ghost – Way To Go (Original Mix)
27. Breeze & UFO – Dirty (Original Mix)
28. Cyantific – Ice Cream (Original Mix)
29. Chris Unknown – Killa Sound (Original Mix)
30. Anglerfish & Lucider – This Is How We Do It Hard (Original Mix)
31. Darren Styles & Modulate – To The Stars (Original Mix)
32. Hotchkiss – Reflections (Original Mix)

Ep. 110: Fracus & Darwin – Diversions feat. MrPanda (Live)

We’ve got a badass treat in store for our listeners in this week’s episode! Our first back-to-back mix features THREE DJs — an internationally acclaimed duo and the return of one of our most popular local DJs.

Up first is the critically-acclaimed Fracus & Darwin with a tightly mixed set of their new, fourth artist album. Having been allowed total creative freedom in their approach, the result is a vibrant, varied, and passion-filled collection of tracks that go beyond Hardcore, and take influence from every corner of the rave spectrum. Their rise through the ranks to the main stages of the UK, USA rave scenes (and beyond) hasn’t been meteoric, with each passing year the high quality and variation of both their productions and live performances have earned them a hard-fought, slow & steady rise in popularity. With both a domestic and international fan base built up through extensive DJ dates and consistent productions, this is an album which will appeal most to those who enjoy a wide variety of influences. From euphoric vocal anthems, Electro and EDM-influenced sounds, rolling basslines and breakbeats, this is a true melting pot of rave music, all stamped authoritatively with 2015 production and style. It truly is the best Fracus & Darwin album yet (Hardcore Underground Ltd)!

That monster album is immediately proceeded by Dallas’ own MrPanda (from Ep. 084), who returns with another high-energy mix that will get your grandmother amped up! His last episode was one of our most popular and it’s not hard to hear why (if you’re not onto his work yet, get your ass over to his Soundcloud page and give him a follow). Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore and DnB are all flawlessly mixed into a perfect 65 minute package. Enjoy this special episode, party people! We know we will. Tune in and keep the music loud!

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Fracus & Darwin – Diversions Mix
1. Fracus & Darwin feat. Poison Rain – No Matter What
2. Fracus & Darwin vs. Reese – Cross The Line
3. Fracus & Darwin – Break These Records
4. Fracus & Darwin – Roar
5. Fracus & Darwin – Heart On Fire
6. Fracus & Darwin vs. Michael Mansion – Loved Again
7. Fracus & Darwin vs. Bass Selective – Blow Out Part 4
8. Fracus & Darwin feat. Jenna – Believe In Something
9. Fracus & Darwin feat. Pearl Blue – Join Us Now

MrPanda Mix
1. Virtual Riot – We’re Not Alone (Jason Bouse Edit)
2. Solution vs. Ephexis – Elements (Arkitech Remix)
3. Breakage feat. Detour City – Treading Water (Revision-X Remix)
4. Esline & Tempo vs. Electric – Stargazing
5. I See Monstas – Massiah (Re-Con & Chris Unknown Remix)
6. Nuton – Gates Of Hell
7. Esline – Can’t Get No Sleep
8. Code Black & Wasted Penguinz – Your Moment (Olly P Remix)
9. Haze & Antix – Twisted (Darren Hotchkiss Remix)
10. Enter Shikari – Juggernauts (Nero Remix)
11. Anticeptik Kaotek – L.D Teck
12. Dowster – Bionix
13. Shock & Ghost – Way To Go
14. A.B & Nick 235 feat. Rhona – Silence A Prayer
15. Revision-X – Don’t Leave Me
16. Skrillex – Voltage (Ian K vs. Skeets Bootleg)
17. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Re-Con Remix)

Ep. 084: Through The Looking Glass

The Dallas scene is currently flowing with burgeoning, eclectic musical talent. This week’s local guest DJ is a perfect example of this. MrPanda is our first Hardcore DJ and we couldn’t be happier to feature him. Tons of energy and get-up-and-jump jams are tightly mixed into a product that will be rocking your airwaves for the next 61 minutes! It’s a helluva good time! Time to take a peek through the looking glass…Tune in and keep the music loud!

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1. Muzzy – Timberwolf (Original Mix)
2. Feint – Fury (Original Mix)
3. Muzzy – Letz Rock (Original Mix)
4. Sub Focus – Airplane (Original Mix)
5. Bustin & Skampy – London’s Burning (Original Mix)
6. Modulate – Get Down (Original Mix)
7. Stonebank feat. EMEL – Stronger (Original Mix)
8. Kolossal Code vs. CLSM – Kill ‘Em With The Style (Maximus Baxter Remix)
9. Faz – The Last Chance (Original Mix)
10. Fracus & Darwin – When You Take My Hand (Original Mix)
11. Cytik – Here We Go Again (Original Mix)
12. Marcus Kane – Cross The Divide (Original Mix)
13. Outforce – Warrior (Original Mix)
14. Nuton – Gates Of Hell (Original Mix)
15. Breeze & Modulate – Bang 2 Me Nasty (VIP Mix)
16. Fred V & Grafix – Bladerunner (Loko Remix)
17. Klubfiller & Chance – Refuel (Hardcore Mix)
18. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Bakkoff (Hardcore Mix)
19. Essi – Rock Ur Bod (Original Mix)
20. Petruccio feat. MC Static – Insomniac (Original Mix)
21. Solution vs. Ephexis – Elements (Arkitech Remix)
22. Ajaay vs. Wigga & Webbe – I’m A Rainbow (Original Mix)
23. Pinnacle & Ben Av-It – Noizemaker (Original Mix)
24. Stylus & Audio Junkie feat. Whizzkid – Bassline Criminal (Original Mix)
25. Stylus & Audio Junkie feat. Whizzkid – Pitch Black (Original Mix)
26. Darren Styles & Modulate – To The Stars (Original Mix)
27. Pinnacle & MJ vs. Camo & Juggernaut – Go Harder (Original Mix)
28. Mark Ashley & K-Complex – Atomic Orbital (Endemic Remix)