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Ep. 086: The Beat’s Tape

We continue on in our Summer Series with a very special guest DJ in this week’s episode. Internationally recognized French DJ and producer Moar sends us a killer mix across the Atlantic. We’ve been excited to feature him for a few months and he doesn’t disappoint! Featuring 60 minutes of an eclectic blend of Future, Funk, Nu-Soul and Experimental Hip-Hop, this mix is a perfect example of the old-standing electronic credo that the “French do it better.” Whether you’re on the sands of Ibiza, the shores of the Pacific or hanging out at your apartment pool, this musical journey will have you celebrating summer! Tune in and keep the music loud!

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1. Mindthings – Erosae (Original Mix)
2. Ta-ku – Facelift (Original Mix)
3. 20syl – Dust Clouds (Original Mix)
4. Kuh Lida – LUVMEALLNIGHT (Original Mix)
5. Mndsgn – Camelblues (Original Mix)
6. Thriftworks – Pad FUKK (Original Mix)
7. The Geek & Vrv – Waves (Original Mix)
8. Grooveman Spot – A Little Step (Original Mix)
9. Mitch Murder – Night Train (Original Mix)
10. Midnight Runners – Drive Into The Night (Original Mix)
11. OPOLOP – The Higgs Boson (Original Mix)
12. Samon Kawamura – Out-Take 0806-002 (Original Mix)
13. DJ Cam – Love Theme (Original Mix)
14. Güms – Reminiscence (Original Mix)
15. Comfort Fit – Sorry (Original Mix)
16. Moar – Ligne 14 (Original Mix)
17. DJ Mitsu The Beats – Cloud 9 (Original Mix)
18. Headnodic – Mission Hill Invention (Original Mix)