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Ep. 175: Raven

Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before, we’re excited to welcome newcomer J Clay to the podcast — but a newcomer nevermore! Hailing locally from the Big D, he’s brought with him a wicked-good mix for this week’s episode. Smooth, sexy and infused with nonstop energy, this 73 minute mix has the perfect curation of Liquid Drum & Bass tracks made for a long midnight drive. Like Poe’s poem of the same name, we invite you to dive into the hypnotic sounds of the Raven. Keep the music loud for evermore…

1. Abstract Illusion – Lost My Way (Original Mix)
2. Blade – Universal Rhythm (Original 12″ Mix)
3. Severity Zero – Bread & Circuses (Original Mix)
4. Malaky & Satl – Her (Zero T Remix)
5. Fearbace – Without You (Original Mix)
6. Hidden Orchestra – Vorka (DC Breaks Remix)
7. mSdoS – Inside the Ride (Original Mix)
8. Vinyl Junkie & Rachael EC feat. David Boomah – Fade Away (Original Mix)
9. Sully – Flock (Original Mix)
10. Crematorium – Those Misty Trees (Original Mix)
11. Gerra & Stone – Almost U (Mako’s Faithful Remix)
12. Villem & Mcleod feat. Zero T – Seamless (Original Mix)
13. Twintone & Lex Da Hexa – Buzzkill (Original Mix)
14. Polaris – The Light In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
15. Anile – Your Way (Original Mix)
16. Black Barrel, Decline & Ignore – Kandaru (Original Mix)
17. Pola & Bryson feat. Loz Contreras – Diamonds Fall (Original Mix)
18. Stranjah – Gideon (Original Mix)
19. Furney – Awfully Deep (Original Mix)
20. Liquid Waves – I Don’t Know Why (Original Mix)