Ep. 226: Insomnia

We’ve been stoked to have this Dallas-local DJ on since we heard one of his live performances about a year ago. We welcome the incredibly talented Christian Zanni to our airwaves in this week’s episode! The 20-plus-year veteran originally hails from Argentina but currently lives in Dallas and we’re glad he’s here. In this 64 minute mix, Christian masterfully fuses driving Techno tracks with Industrial beats to create one helluva listening experience. It’s crafted for those who would rather dance than sleep. Are you a creature of the night?

1. Amelie Lens – Follow (Original Mix)
2. Hidden Empire – Black Beauty (Original Mix)
3. Noir & Victor Ruiz feat. Cari Golden – I Am (Original Mix)
4. Weska – Social Ritual (Original Mix)
5. Raxon – Orix (Original Mix)
6. Enrico Sangiuliano – Blooming Era (Original Mix)
7. Adana Twins – Zuul (Original Mix)
8. Layton Giordani feat.┬áDanny Tenaglia – Live Again (Original Mix)
9. Johannes Heil – EXILE 007 B2 (Original Mix)
10. Aitor Ronda – Tweezer (Original Mix)
11. Alex Stein feat. K.A.L.I.L. – Atomkraft (Original Mix)
12. Victor Ruiz – Brujeria (Original Mix)
13. Enrico Sangiuliano – Savage Machine (Original Mix)

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