Ep. 211: Virtual Fantasies

A rush of cool air hits your face as the winter moonlight gently grazes your skin. You can’t quite make out the dark figure standing before you but, somehow, you feel you’ve met before. The figure reaches for you with an outstretched hand, lightly grasping the back of your neck, and brings you closer to its shapeless face. You turn your head as it softly whispers in your ear, “You are loved.” And just like that, the figure disappears. You’re standing alone on a cold, dark night…ready to dance…Give in to the seductive sounds of Dallas-local Unkle John in this week’s episode. The mix is all you need…

1. Digital Mess – Weald (Original Mix)
2. Mondkrater – Aphelion (Original Mix)
3. Dmitry Molosh – Delirious (Original Mix)
4. Los Paranos – Madness (Cold Miles Remix)
5. Third Personality – You Know (Original Mix)
6. Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz – Geist (Original Mix)
7. D.Ramirez & Mark Knight – Colombian Soul (Gabriel & Dresden Tuscan Soul Reconstruction)
8. Alberto Ruiz & Oscar Aguilera – Alaska (Many Reasons AKA Minicoolboyz Remix)
9. Hypnotic Duo – Earth (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)

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