Ep. 193: Waves

The sun has been relentless the past few weeks but we’ve got a remedy for you. Take off those clothes, throw on this week’s mix from resident artist Red (of The House Brothers) and let it burn, baby! ‘Cause this week’s episode is a heater! Perfect for grabbing a 2nd degree burn (er…tan), there are plenty of hot beats to go around in this one. Beware of tight bikinis and strong martinis…keep the music loud!

1. Spencer Brown – 5th & Concord (Original Mix)
2. Way Out West – Lullaby Horizon (Original Mix)
3. Dan Black feat. Kelis – Farewell (Superlover Rework)
4. Way Out West feat. Eli & Fur – Running Away (Original Mix)
5. Amtrac feat. MELI – Some Of Them (Amtrac’s Dusty Mix)
6. Royksopp – Never Ever (Yotto Remix)
7. Majestique – Science Of The Heart (Tinlicker Remix)
8. Spencer Brown – Embarcadero (Original Mix)
9. Kisch feat. Leela D – Needs (Extended Mix)
10. ATTLAS – What You Do To Me (Original Mix)
11. Spencer Brown feat. Rachel K. Collier – Always Do You (Original Mix)
12. Weepee – Lunar (Extended Mix)

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