Ep. 173: Mix Action Ms. Jackson

This is an ode to Friday night. It’s a celebration of surviving your 9 to 5 another week. A salute to skating through your classes the past 5 days. We all seem to go harder on Friday nights. It’s as if we’re giving an emphatic middle finger to the crappy week we just experienced. And we have an entire Saturday to recover so why not go balls to the wall? Fun, crazy, sometimes messy, other times downright weird, resident artist Wade Weston pays homage to the most interesting of nights in this week’s episode. Featuring nearly 64 minutes of Tech House, Booty Tech, House and Bass House jams, this is a nonstop mix with no downtime so you best be ready, friends. It’s Friday night….

1. Tough Love – Friday Night (Original Mix)
2. Human Resource – Dominator (Quinten 909 Extended Remix)
3. Betoko feat. Boy Tox – We Don’t Give A F**k (Sharam Jey Edit)
4. Jax Jones feat. Mike Dunn & MNEK – House Work (Danny Howard Dub Remix)
5. Funkerman pres. F-Man feat. MC Gee – Deeper Underground (Original Mix)
6. Shiba San – Up & Down (Original Mix)
7. DILLAGAS – It’s Well (Original Mix)
8. Dom Dolla – You (Billy Kenny Remix)
9. Felix feat. Brendan Reilly – Nothin More I Need (Rrotik Remix)
10. Kideko feat. George Kwali – Crank It (Crookers Remix)
11. TAWÉ – Acid Dream (My House) (Original Mix)
12. Bart B More – Hover (Original Mix)
13. Bixel Boys – Traffic (Original Mix)
14. Sacha Robotti – The Dude Abides (Original Mix)
15. Second City & Tyler Rowe – I Enter (Original Mix)
16. PNAU – Chameleon (Crookers Remix)

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