Ep. 172: For The Love Of Bass

We welcome the return of Rhode Island-based Bass-master Boltcutter in this week’s episode! It’s been a little over 2 years since we had him on in Ep. 041 and we’re now kicking ourselves for not having him back sooner! We’ll warn you up front for this episode, kiddies — this mix will test the LFEs of your sub woofer in a BIG way. Featuring 59 minutes of hard-hitting Breaks, Neurostep, Neurofunk, Dubstep and a few other Bass-heavy genres, this bad boy should be sent to Master P ’cause it’ll make anyone say UHH! No excuses for this one…keep it loud!

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1. DEMONSLAYER – Blanka’s Quest (Original Mix)
2. Left/Right – Sweat (Original Mix)
3. Red Milk – Piéces (Original Mix)
4. Patrick Brian – TS 02 (Original Mix)
5. Addergebroed – Nemesis (Original Mix)
6. SUBDUE – Recycle (Original Mix)
7. Ad Astra – Ex Somnium (Original Mix)
8. DarkElixir – Syndicate (Original Mix)
9. Razat & Holly – Crazy Shit (Original Mix)
10. B.R.E.E.D – Feels (Boltcutter Remix)
11. Woolymammoth – Lucid Dreaming (Original Mix)
12. SHADES – Cryptic (Original Mix)
13. Mad Zach – Caltrain (Original Mix)
14. Emperor – Let The Whole World Know (Original Mix)
15. Culprate – Diablo (VIP)
16. Atlas – Inside (Dino Safari Remix)
17. Syrinx – Roboroll (Original Mix)
18. 12Gauge – 00120 (Original Mix)
19. Duskky – Rebate (Original Mix)
20. Toro – Kraken (Original Mix)
21. Spenghead – Form Over Function (Original Mix)
22. Ephyum – Way Of Void (Original Mix)
23. Barbarix – Kinetics (Original Mix)
24. Oscillator Z – STRUGGLE SNUGGLE (Original Mix)
25. Burn The Disco – Turn Up (Original Mix)
26. Hansel Thorn – Shake It (Original Mix)
27. Snavs & Fabian Mazur – Gun Go (Original Mix)
28. HAEZER & SBCR – Mind Off (Eliminate Remix)
29. Cabinet Pressure – Commas (Bleep Bloop Remix)
30. Tincup – Turn Off The Lights (Original Mix)
31. Lingo – Inhale (Original Mix)
32. Rolaz – Gold Rush (Original Mix)
33. Coffi – Real Shit (Original Mix)
34. Boltcutter – Stumbling (Original Mix)

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