Ep. 093: Heady

Dallas-local DJ and self-proclaimed audio terrorist Boston Kassidy takes over our airwaves in this week’s episode. A mastermind in the underground dance scene, his musical roots cover a lot of ground in the metroplex being a part of the Night Calisthenics duo and increasingly-successful collective The Guild. He fearlessly leads us into the abyss with a 59 minute mix that will have your head spinning. Deep, techy, funky and brooding…we invite you to puff, puff, pass and get ‘Heady’ in this b*tch! Tune in and keep the music loud!

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1. MyMy – Secret Life Of Pants (Original Mix)
2. Behling & Simpson – Tape Hiss (Original Mix)
3. Adultnapper & Mr C pres. Sycophant Slags – Anti Sailing (Original Mix)
4. Dusky – Words Later On (Original Mix)
5. Kyko feat. Gigoo – Mornin’ Love (Original Mix)
6. Viadrina – Fake Light (Original Mix)
7. Nick Olivetti – This Show Will Get You High (Original Mix)
8. Justin Jay – Analysis Paralysis (Original Mix)
9. Boddika – Black (Original Mix)
10. Zed Bias feat. Chunky – We’re There (Original Mix)
11. Rabbit In The Moon – Time Bomb (Original Mix)
12. Dauwd – Heat Division (Original Mix)
13. Chaos In The CBD – Rolling 84’s (Original Mix)
14. Layo & Bushwacka – Raw Defined (Original Mix)
15. Pete Graham & Thomas Graham – Finding Neverland (Original Mix)
16. Flubba – Tell Me (Original Mix)
17. Glimpse – True South (Original Mix)
18. Lazer Sword feat. Machinedrum – CHSEN (Original Mix)

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