Ep. 084: Through The Looking Glass

The Dallas scene is currently flowing with burgeoning, eclectic musical talent. This week’s local guest DJ is a perfect example of this. MrPanda is our first Hardcore DJ and we couldn’t be happier to feature him. Tons of energy and get-up-and-jump jams are tightly mixed into a product that will be rocking your airwaves for the next 61 minutes! It’s a helluva good time! Time to take a peek¬†through the looking glass…Tune in and keep the music loud!

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1. Muzzy – Timberwolf (Original Mix)
2. Feint – Fury (Original Mix)
3. Muzzy – Letz Rock (Original Mix)
4. Sub Focus – Airplane (Original Mix)
5. Bustin & Skampy – London’s Burning (Original Mix)
6. Modulate – Get Down (Original Mix)
7. Stonebank feat. EMEL – Stronger (Original Mix)
8. Kolossal Code vs. CLSM – Kill ‘Em With The Style (Maximus Baxter Remix)
9. Faz – The Last Chance (Original Mix)
10. Fracus & Darwin – When You Take My Hand (Original Mix)
11. Cytik – Here We Go Again (Original Mix)
12. Marcus Kane – Cross The Divide (Original Mix)
13. Outforce – Warrior (Original Mix)
14. Nuton – Gates Of Hell (Original Mix)
15. Breeze & Modulate – Bang 2 Me Nasty (VIP Mix)
16. Fred V & Grafix – Bladerunner (Loko Remix)
17. Klubfiller & Chance – Refuel (Hardcore Mix)
18. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Bakkoff (Hardcore Mix)
19. Essi – Rock Ur Bod (Original Mix)
20. Petruccio feat. MC Static – Insomniac (Original Mix)
21. Solution vs. Ephexis – Elements (Arkitech Remix)
22. Ajaay vs. Wigga & Webbe – I’m A Rainbow (Original Mix)
23. Pinnacle & Ben Av-It – Noizemaker (Original Mix)
24. Stylus & Audio Junkie feat. Whizzkid – Bassline Criminal (Original Mix)
25. Stylus & Audio Junkie feat. Whizzkid – Pitch Black (Original Mix)
26. Darren Styles & Modulate – To The Stars (Original Mix)
27. Pinnacle & MJ vs. Camo & Juggernaut – Go Harder (Original Mix)
28. Mark Ashley & K-Complex – Atomic Orbital (Endemic Remix)

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