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Ep. 225: Breakwater

Listen as waves crash on stone. Yet, you gently float, rocking back and forth. Out there, chaos. But right here, serenity. We all have that one barrier that holds back the madness, granting that sense of peace, even if it is just for a second.

1. Sebastian Weikum pres. Junostar – 4 (Original Mix)
2. EDX – Voyage (Original Mix)
3. Dinka – Civilisation (Original Mix)
4. Dinka – Chemistry (Original Mix)
5. Axis – Over You (Steve Brian Remix)
6. Oliver Smith – On The Moon (Original Mix)
7. Luminary – Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Extended Update)
8. Funkagenda – Breakwater (EDX Ibiza’s Sunrise Remix)
9. Deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang (Original Mix)
10. Cirez D vs Sneaky Sound System – Pictures On Off (Funkagenda Bootleg)

Ep. 224: Echoes In The Dark

A pounding sub shakes the walls outside the club. As you approach it, you can feel the warmth and energy emanating from within. A familiar song is faint but growing ever louder as you walk through the double doors. It brings a smile to your face when you start to hum its tune. It’s one of your all-time favorites. You look at the DJ booth and give a nod to the mysterious BR∆VE manning the decks. He’s playing some of the greatest dance tracks ever made. And you know it’s going to be a good night…

1. Aly-Us – Follow Me (Club Mix)
2. Black Box – Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Mix)
3. Guille Placencia & George Privatti – What A Bam (Original Mix)
4. Black Box – I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Club Mix)
5. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (Original Mix)
6. Hardrive – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
7. Dusky – Expectations (Original Mix)
8. Hazzaro – Make My Day (Original Mix)
9. Matador feat. Felix Da Housecat – The Enemy (Hot Since 82 Remix)
10. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix)

Ep. 223: Script Flippin’

One of our favorite guest DJs flips the script in this week’s episode! The talented J Clay returns for his 4th mix on the podcast and holy shit does he bring it! Featuring 82 minutes of sometimes heavy, sometimes smooth Drum & Bass tracks, this mix embodies everything we love in a DJ set: unpredictable, eclectic and capable of taking you on a journey. Let’s jump in quickly and get lost in the sound…

1. Abstrakt Sonance – Centre (Original Mix)
2. Sam Binga feat. TT The Artist – Bad Bish (Klax Remix)
3. Scartip – Psycopomp (Original Mix)
4. Spline – Be Elephant (Original Mix)
5. Kije – Unnova (Original Mix)
6. Safire – Cystal Gee (Original Mix)
7. Entita & Dephzac feat. feat. MC Kenna – Fraction (Original Mix)
8. DJ Hybrid feat. Haribo – Raised In The Jungle (Drop Out Remix)
9. Boston – The Rain (Original Mix)
10. SCAR – Break It (Original Mix)
11. Dirtbag – Wingsuit (Original Mix)
12. Obeisant & Victim – 6 Months (Original Mix)
13. Survival – Roots (Original Mix)
14. Dyrekt – Woofa (Original Mix)
15. Arclight – Saigon Killer (Original Mix)
16. Exept – Kinshasa (Original Mix)
17. Mark Instinct – Atari Kush (Original Mix)
18. Survey – Push Over (Original Mix)
19. Tyler Frost – Echo (Original Mix)
20. Animal Defection feat. MC Shot – Survivor (Original Mix)
21. Axiom – Schizothemia (NickBee Remix)
22. M.Justa – Contagious (Original Mix)
23. Critical Mass – Breach (Original Mix)
24. Boston – Periphery (Original Mix)
25. Tyler Frost – My Way (Original Mix)
26. Serum – Who Jah Bless (Sam Binga’s Lofi Lashout Remix)
27. Invadhertz – Progression (Original Mix)
28. MindVipe – Calibrate (Original Mix)
29. Treega – Bang (Original Mix)
30. Kiril – Royal Flush (Original Mix)
31. Mikal – Scattered (Original Mix)
32. Jazzatron – Ulterior Jungle (Original Mix)
33. Shyun – ZigZag (Original Mix)
34. Signal & Disprove feat. Ordure – Zwendel (Original Mix)
35. Hendrik Joerges – Resonance (Original Mix)

Ep. 222: Nostalgia Nights

We’ve got some killer house party vibes for you in this week’s episode! Resident artist Red throws down an eclectic mix of Disco House, Tech House and straight up groovy-ass House tracks that will have you feeling good the entire night. Ain’t no party like a dope house party so everybody shake yo thang! Make some new friends, party people, and keep the music loud!

1. Demuja – J. (Original Mix)
2. Robosonic feat. Masta Ace – Good Old Feel (Original Mix)
3. Mall Grab – B.F.O.D.A.A.S. (Original Mix)
4. Robosonic – Life Is Like (Original Mix)
5. The Mekanism – Touch (Original Mix)
6. Hanne & Lore – Street Kings 2.0 (Original Mix)
7. J Paul Getto & Kenny Summit – The Herb (Original Mix)
8. Hanne & Lore – Skyhi (Original Mix)
9. Walker & Royce feat. Sue-Yenn – Reaching (Original Mix)
10. Bicep & Hammer – Go (Flanger Mix)
11. Moonbootica – June (Original Mix)
12. Curry & Krawall – Gimme Some Psycho (Original Mix)
13. Buz Ludzha – Basslines For Life (Original Mix)