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Ep. 188: Politicus

It’s Memorial Day weekend, party people! You know what that means? Our Summer Series has officially arrived! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than by having one of the most talented DnB DJs back on our airwaves. Dallas-born mixmaster J Clay makes his return in this week’s episode. Featuring 71 minutes of vibe-filled Liquid Drum & Bass tunes, all masterfully put together, this mix is perfect for laying out by the pool or soaking up rays at the beach. Get your sunscreen, towels and swimsuits ready…summer is finally here! Feel the vibes and keep the music loud!

1. DRS feat. Patife & Vangeliez – I Will (Original Mix)
2. Dan Guidance – Without Hope We Are Lost (Original Mix)
3. Muffler – Snowflakes (Original Mix)
4. Basic Forces & Scott Allen feat. Frank H Carter III – Evermore (Original Mix)
5. CPH & Jay Dubz – Shadow Of The Past (Original Mix)
6. Lurch feat. MC Bluejay – Splitting The Atom (Original Mix)
7. Survival – Blue Sky (Original Mix)
8. Electrosoul System – The Riddle (Original Mix)
9. BNR feat. Phil Free – Moods (Original Mix)
10. Deskai – Atemporal (Original Mix)
11. Suv & Jaxx – No Discrimination (Original Mix)
12. Heatwave – Sunburst (Original Mix)
13. Royalston feat. Hannah Joy – People On The Ground (Anile Remix)
14. A.K.A – Guiding Light (Original Mix)
15. Survival – Alpine (Original Mix)
16. Greekboy – Paradise (Original Mix)
17. Criteria feat. Hayley – Eastern Sunset (Original Mix)
18. Criteria feat. Hayley – White Hornet (Original Mix)
19. Nelver – Vision (Original Mix)
20. Larigold – Baby Without Reason (Original Mix)
21. Total Science – Lightweight (Original Mix)
22. Cnof feat. MC Astro – All I Need (Original Mix)

Ep. 187: Right Place, Right Time

We’ve got a special treat from across the globe in this week’s episode! Hailing from Newcastle, Australia, Shiki is a young, up & coming artist with mad talent. We got to hang with him during Australia’s EMC Play week (spoiler alert: he’s a hella cool dude). He’s brought with him a vibrantly eclectic mix to our airwaves in this special episode. Featuring just under 60 minutes of Future Bass (including 2 tracks from his recent EP) and genre-busting Trap/Hip-Hop tunes, this mix is perfect for leading the northern hemisphere into the summer months. Get your jam on and keep it loud!

1. Shiki – Jungle (Original Mix)
2. Flume feat. Vince Staples & Kučka – Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix)
3. Kanye West feat. The Weeknd – FML (Alvin Risk Remix)
4. Nömak & Araatan – Teeter-Totter (Original Mix)
5. Just A Gent feat. R O Z E S – Limelight (Original Mix)
6. Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)
7. Outkast – Roses (Swindail Remix)
8. GoldLink – Dark Skin Woman (Cosmo’s Midnight & Swindail Remix)
9. Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror (Thrupence Remix)
10. Daniel Johns – Aerial Love (Naderi Remix)
11. Sam Gellaitry – Waiting So Long (CRNKN Remix)
12. Flume – Depth Charge (Original Mix)
13. ANH & quickly, quickly – Preach (Original Mix)
14. Cavalier – Masks (Original Mix)
15. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)
16. Sam Gellaitry – Ceremony (Original Mix)
17. Rilla Force – Youth (Baby) (Original Mix)
18. Drake – Fake Love
19. Kendrick Lamar – DNA
20. Shiki – Sunset (Original Mix)

Ep. 186: Alice Went Too Far

Resident DJ Roscoe (from The House Brothers) takes us WAY down the rabbit hole in this week’s episode! Featuring an inspired 57 minute mix of Jackin’ House, House, Tech House and even some dark Industrial Techno, this is truly an experiment in the art of DJing. It’s raw, unpredictable and eclectic. We invite you to keep the music loud as you embark on the journey.

1. DJ Falk – Been A Long Time (Federico Scavo Remix)
2. DJ Dan – Fist Pump Broken (Original Mix)
3. Tradelove – Street Player (Club Mix)
4. Criminal Vibes – Do It! (Original Mix)
5. Duck Sauce – aNYway (Original Mix)
6. Federico Scavo – Funky Nassau (Original Mix)
7. Criminal Vibes – Finally (Club Mix)
8. Umek & Groovebox – Cause And Effect (Original Club Mix)
9. Mark Knight – Ironing Man (Original Mix)
10. Daniel Portman – Benham Creek (Original Club Mix)
11. Dino Maggiorana – Freaks (Original Mix)
12. Zonderling – Annalog (Extended Mix)
13. Kago Pengchi – Yuki (Original Mix)