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Ep. 122: Make Some Noise

From the sunny beaches of Orange County and Los Angeles, this week’s guest DJ GoogolpleX is a newcomer to the podcast but certainly not the club scene. He’s a resident DJ at Ten Nightclub and Heat Ultra lounge with a penchant for high-energy, ass-kicking tunes. Featuring nearly 61 minutes of Electro House, Progressive House and Bigroom bangers, this mix needs to be cranked to full volume. Let’s f*ing rage! Tune in and keep the music loud!

Ep. 121: The Replicant

Resident DJ Roscoe (from The House Brothers) flies high above the clouds in this week’s episode. Featuring some beautiful Progressive tracks and a handful of energetic Trance bombs, this mix is nothing short of an eargasm. Enjoy the ride! Tune in and keep the music loud!

Ep. 120: Hyperdrive

Straight fire is coming from the West Coast in this week’s episode! Los Angeles-based Drev makes his debut on the podcast and he’s brought with him an ass-kicker of a mix. Featuring 66 minutes of nonstop Electro House, Trance and Progressive House anthems, this bad boy wastes no time kicking into high gear. Buckle your seat belt and prepare for takeoff! Tune in and keep the music loud!

Ep. 119: Dirtlife

Mix master of the Dallas underground scene Shann Vahle (SV+) is back! Our local brotha-from-another-motha needs no introduction in dropping his 3rd mix on the podcast. Featuring the usual remedy of Deep Tech and Tech House jams, this episode can be described as nothing short of DIRTY. Tune in and keep the music loud!

Ep. 118: The Rabbit Hole

Welcome to 2016, party people! This year ushers in a new look, more guest DJs and the same quality product you’ve come to expect. Our new credo is, “Discovery through music.” Each week we provide a platform in which you can discover new music and great DJs. We hope this leads to cultivating new friendships, experiencing unplanned adventures and finding unity under the greatest gift of all: music. It’s a constant discovery process that we all share together. To get 2016 kicked off, resident DJ Wade Weston shows us how deep the rabbit hole goes in this week’s episode. Featuring 62 minutes of Tech House, Breaks and Garage tracks, it’s a mix that will take you into the depths of the night. We’ll look for you on the flip side! Tune in and keep the music loud!